Comments on This Weekends Sprint Cup NASCAR Race

Keselowski won the Sprint Cup race at the weekend at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He was obviously thrilled with the result.

Keselowski explained that it was every drivers dream to be able to get a really good car and to be able to lead for such a large amount of the race. He explained that when you have a great car you have to work really hard to make sure that you do not screw things up.

He explained that the race was not as easy as it may have seemed as it was constantly difficult to fight cars that wanted to pass him and work at staying at the front. He said that there were a few problems but he managed to get through them and is just really pleased with the way that the car performed. He went on to say that he hoped that it would continue to ride well so that he can continue being successful.

The NASCAR Sprint Series is mid-way through which means that the drivers all get a weekend off next weekend. This means that he will have two weeks to reflect on his successful victory before he has the chance to try again on the 27th July. The race is the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It will also leave him feeling very positive with regards to the Chase for the Sprint Cup. This is because he has had enough race victories already to qualify under the new rules but also will be racing on this track as part of that final set of races and so a victory here will leave him confident when he attempts that race at the end of the season. It will be race two in the Chase for the Sprint Cup, a victory that he won two years ago.

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