Changes to NASCAR Chase Race Cars

NASCAR have revealed some changes that will be made to the cars that qualify for the Chase Grid. In the new rules of NASCAR there will be 16 cars that qualify for this and this will be determined by the amount of race wins they have during the season.

The changes to the cars are to do with the paint schemes of those that will be taking place. They will have a roof number as well as the windscreen header and the front splitter all coloured yellow. They will also have a Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup logo on the front quarter panel.

The paint scheme will put on every car that starts the Chase which will begin on the 14th September at Chicagoland Speedway. The race works so that drivers are eliminated race by race if they do not do well enough. As they are eliminated, they will have to remove the paint scheme.

The changes are there to show the new format of the Chase and will also make it easier for the fans to which car is where.

It was back in January when Brian France, NASCAR Chairman and CEO announced that the new race rules would extend to changes in the Chase with there being 16 drivers taking part rather than 12. There is a round by round process with only the best cars going through which it is felt will reveal the most worthy champion in the battle situation.
A victory in one of the first 26 races will guarantee a place in the first of the ten races that make up the Chase. Every three Chase races the drivers will be whittled down with just four drivers taking part in the final race which will take part on the 16th November at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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