First Decade in NASCAR for Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski is now celebrating a decade as a NASCAR driver. He has had ups and downs in his career, including a massive wreck in 2010 which he managed to walk away from.

In 2004 he started his NASCAR career taking part in the Camping World Truck Series. When he first started he did not even have enough money to buy his own fire suit and so he wore the free one. He was twenty back then and was not rich but still happy, although not as happy as he is now. In his first truck season he saw some success although with a truck sponsor that did not pay it was not all good. However he did see some success with some good finishes. He then moved up to the Nationwide Series. It was at Nashville when he had his first career win and he said that if he won there he would learn to play the guitar and he admits that even though he tried to, it was not successful! His second win in the Nationwide series was at Bristol in 2008 on one of his favourite tracks. In 2009 he had a big moment in Talladega when there was a major incident with Carl Edwards. He was unable to celebrate his victory until he saw that Carl was okay and had managed to get out of his wreck of a car. In 2010 he became airborne in a race car which almost went in to the grandstands but luckily things turned out well for everyone. In 2011 he broke his ankle at Pocono at testing but still managed a podium finish. His memories are mainly of the pain rather than the joy of the victory. In 2012 he had a massive battle with Jimmie Johnson in Texas and this was an epic race that many people remember. In the end he managed to take the Cup and this was a huge victory for him. In 2013 he only saw one race win though and that was not good for him. However, this year has had some positives for the driver with a swee at Las Vegas and with his three wins this year he has already booked and confirmed his place in The Chase and hopefully is building his confidence so that he can give it serious try this year.

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