NASCAR Chairman Confused by New Race Teams Alliance

The Chairman and CEO of NASCAR, Brian France has said that he is not sure that the new Race Teams Alliance will be very effective. He went as far as to say that he thought it might even hold the teams back.

It was just earlier this month when none of the largest teams in the Sprint Cup series said that they would be forming the group with the leader being Rob Kauffman who is the co-owner of Michael Waltrip Racing.

France was speaking during a radio interview on Monday on SIRIUS/XM and said that he has some doubts. He said that they didn’t think that the group was necessary and that they will be far less benefits that the group seems to think there will be. He said that it is bad that they will all be speaking as one voice to NASCAR as they have always tried hard to listen to every voice and then base a decision on lots of opinions rather than just one. He feels that this means that everyone’s viewpoint is considered and that is the best for everyone involved.

He went on to explain that NASCAR have not had any more details about how the RTA will work apart from the fact that they wish to cut costs and build value, which is what the group announced when they officially told everyone about their formation.

Some people feel that this is a union or that they are trying to get a bigger amount of the finance earned through TV deals buy Kauffman has denied that this is the case. He said that a union is something that employees for and is not but is a business alliance.

Time will tell as to whether more teams will join the RTA and what influence they might have and if any changes are made as a result of it.

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