NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr Gives Twitter Dating Advice

Dale Earnardt Jr really enjoys his twitter account and used it to report on his racing and other things. However, he is now using it for giving dating advice.

It was on Wednesday morning when he was sent a message asking him if he had a any break up advice. It may have seemed to be an odd request but he replied to say that he once ran an advice booth at the mall and that it should be done in person.

This is very sound advice as breaking up by text, email or phone is just not a fair way to do it, although all break ups are painful however done. It is interesting though that he states that he had run an advice booth. This may be something that the person who tweeted him already knew and that may have been why they asked him what may seem like rather a random question.

He was later asked by someone else if he had any advice about getting dumped. Would be a funny coincidence that if this was the partner of the person who asked for the earlier advice! Probably more likely to be a joke tweet although someone may have genuinely been asking for help.

Earnhardt replied though and gave two pieces of advice, one to focus on what it was about that annoyed you and to have a party with friends. Again these seem to be pretty good things to say with reflection on something that will help you to realise the relationship was not for the best and to do something to forget all about it and have fun.

Some might think that he should in fact be working on his racing rather than tweeting. However, everyone has to have some downtime and as he is second in the points table and with two wins this season he has done enough to qualify for the Chase.

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