No Big Changes for NASCAR Next Season

The NASCAR Chairman, Brian France has said that there will not be a big change to the NASCAR schedule next season. This may not be welcomed by all of the drivers as there were some that were looking forward to a drastic change in the schedule. Some want to move dates, some want less races and others want more time off.

Jimmie Johnson, for example has said that he wanted a week off before the final ten races in the Chase. He said that because they compete so often they can get over saturated with racing and it could be good if they had a bit of a break from that some time. He said that he felt that less is more could be better.

Ryan Newman suggested that races be held on Wednesday nights in the autumn because the weekends are full of NFL coverage and so their sport does not get the viewing that it deserves. He said that it is not necessary to be at the racetrack for so long, as there is a good inspection process.

France had said that there would be a lot of discussion about these sorts of issues but in an interview on SiriusXM NASCAR he admitted that there will be some changes but nothing dramatic. He said dates may be moved around a bit and the new schedule will be announced in September. However, changing schedules is a difficult thing and this was backed up by a tweet from Brett Jewkes who is the NASCAR Chief Communications Officer. This means that it very unlikely that Kurt Busch’s idea of putting the site of the final race up for bid in the same way countries bid for the Olympics or cities do for the super bowl. He also suggested that Talladega be taken out and swapped for Richmond and made the Chase cut off race He explained that this would work because NASCAR owns both of the tracks. It seems unlikely that there will be any big surprises though.

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