Pocono Produces a Sprint Cup Best Race

Ponoco is one of the most exciting NASCAR tracks because of the tricky triangle which is the nickname for the three cornered course. However, sometimes cars just seem to get stuck in a line of traffic and the race turns out not to be as exciting as hoped, but this was not true on Sunday.

There were interesting incidents in the race which kept things really exciting. Jimmie Johnson started things off by hitting the wall in an early lap fo the race and he managed to come back and somehow work his way back through the field to get to fifth place again with fifty laps to go but unformtuantely ended up in the wall again which dropped him back down so he finished in 39th place.
Greg Biffle managed to work some sort of miracle, starting back in 25th place and then getting back up near to the front, but he did not manage to make it right to the front as Kurt Busch hit the wall in front of him and it stopped him being able to push further forwards.

Kevin Harvick also created some excitement when he was trying to avoid hitting a car on the pit lane and ended up being in the wrong direction and driving too fast but he did battle his way back to the front to contest for the winning spot.

Denny Hamlin raced without his crew chief due to the six race ban and managed to work from 13th to third before dropping back down to finish in ninth but it seemed that was not due to a lack of crew chief helping him.

In the end it was Dale Earnhardt Jr that took the win and he was extremely grateful to his crew and family for helping him do so well in his career.

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