NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart Withdraws from Sprint Cup After Driver Killed

A tragic accident has led to Tony Stewart withdrawing from the Sprint Cup Championship race this weekend. He was taking place in a low stakes race when he accidently drove over another driver and fatally injured him.

The event took place in New York state but the authorities there said they found no evidence of criminal behaviour and that Stewart was helping them with their investigations. There was information just after the accident that Stewart was carrying on with ‘business as usual’ but this created a media storm and so he was almost forced to withdraw form the Sprint Cup race that he was due to take part in on Sunday.

The unfortunate driver was Kevin Ward Jr aged 20 years. The accident took place at Canandaigua Motorsports Park and it seemed that before the incident Stewart clipped his car and it span out of the race. Videos posted online suggested that Ward then got out of the car and gestured at Stewart who then ran in to him. The crash was on a dimly lit part of the track and there was a caution taking place at the time. Therefore cars were not competing or driving at speed but visibility was low.

Ricky Craven, an ESPN analyst , commented that this accident highlights the fact that there should be a rule that drivers should not be able to leave their cars until a security crew member arrived.

There have been situations in the past when Stewart has got in to fights with other drivers including shoving Joey Logano last year. However, this is very different to what happened to Ward and as the police have decided not to take action, then there is no reason to believe that this was nothing more than a very tragic accident.

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