NASCAR Rules Could Change Due to Kevin Ward Jr Death

The fact that Kevin Ward Jr was killed in an accident by Toby Stewart who is a Sprint Cup driver was not the only link between it and Sprint Cup. It could see that there will be a change in the rules of racing that could include Sprint Cup races. This is because the driver was able to leave his vehicle and confront the driver when there was a yellow flag flying.

It is understanding that Ward was angry and many drivers feel the same way when their car gets hit, whether by accident or on purpose. This was not the first time that a driver has left his vehicle and moved on to the track to show his anger at the driver that he felt caused his crash. This is something that fans enjoy because it shows some spirit and competition between the drivers and makes the races more exciting. However, no one ever dreamt that it could end up leading to a fatality and therefore there will be discussions about safety. This was highlighted by the president of the Texas Motor Speedway, Eddie Gossage who explained that as good as entertainment is, safety is more important. He explained that it used to be common for drivers to show their annoyance at other drivers in this way, to highlight their bad behaviour to the spectators and other drivers. This will obviously stop if drivers are told to remain in their vehicles until help comes and then to not stay on the track.

Of course, there will still be room for arguments and discussions when the race is over. This may give time for tempers to cool and therefore not be quite as entertaining but there was still a famous fist fight in 1979 between two drivers post race and so there is a chance that it could happen again. It makes sense to discuss things off the track rather than on the track where there is so much risk and danger. There will be discussions at Watkins Glen International about safety improvements there and it is likely that there will also be discussion between NASCAR officials as well.

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