NASCAR Bans Drivers From Leaving Cars

Following the fatal accident last week in car racing, NASCAR officials have decided that they will enforce a ban on drivers leaving their cars once they are wrecked. This is for the safety of the drivers who leave the vehicles as well as drivers in their cars.

Sportsmen in general tend to have tempers as it is this adrenalin that gives them the push to succeed in their sport. They also need to be fiercely competitive and evidence of this can be seen in many NASCAR drivers even the ones with the coolest seeming exteriors can have moments where they lose control. In NASCAR there are times when a drivers race is ruined due to another driver. This could be due to something that is or is not their fault but either way it can be extremely frustrating and can cause the driver involved to want to retaliate or at least show their annoyance to the other driver. Feuds between drivers have made the races more exciting as well for the viewers.

NASCAR vice-president Robin Pemberton explained that there is a difference between rivalry and bad behaviour and the safety of the drivers has to be kept in perspective. It is the most important thing and therefore this new ruling will come in to effect. He admits that there may be a few disappointed fans but the explained that if they are looking for this sort of behaviour then they are watching the races for the wrong reason and it is likely to only be a very small minority.

The new rule starts immediately and will apply to all NASCAR series. IndyCar have also similarly reviewed their rules and have put in a similar one that drivers need to stay in their car unless there is a fire or other circumstance where there safety is put at higher risk by staying in the vehicle.

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