No Updates on Earnhardt Jr Wedding

It was back in May when there was a story in the press about Dale Earnhardt Jr planning a very lavish wedding. The story went that he would be having a two million pound extravaganza at the Daytona International Speedway with 2000 guests and a lavish menu.

Afterwards he laughed it off, saying that he had read the newspaper article which mentioned it, that had run in the National Enquirer and it was news to him as well. He has not even announced his engagement yet and he is frugal too, so the idea of him doing this certainly would seem pretty far-fetched. He also said that he would not make people travel that far to his wedding and that the article implied that he would skip his engagement and go straight to getting married.

Since the story broke there has been nothing else big to say about his engagement or marriage or anything recently about any other NASCAR drivers planning weddings. Many people are keen to see what is going on in the personal lives of their heroes such as NASCAR drivers. The media help with this by publishing stories and pictures of them so that we can follow what they are doing.

This has always been the case, going back centuries where people like to copy what their idols are doing and therefore feel that they are being fashionable in doing so. It used to be Kings and Queens and other nobility that people would copy, but these days it is no longer the rulers of countries so much as celebrities. This could include sports personalities and well as actors, musicians, TV personalities and other people in the public eye. This is why the press is so keen on publishing details of what those in the public eye are doing, but hopefully next time they have details of Earnhardt jr’s wedding, they will be correct ones!

For example, if someone was planning a wedding, they might look at what others in the public eye are doing in order to get ideas. They will be unlikely to be able to afford to copy exactly what they do, but they should be able to do a few things in a similar way. Some people feel that this is not a good thing, but it is worth remembering that every tradition from using wedding cars for hire, to the bride’s bouquet started somewhere and others copied it so that it became a tradition.

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