NASCAR’s Tony Stewart Cleared of Criminal Charges

After fatally hitting Kevin Ward Jr last month in a terrible accident during a race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park, Tony Stewart has to face a Grand Jury in Ontario County. The jury needed to decided whether it was indeed an accident.

The district attorney, Michael Tantillo, explained that a toxicology report shows that Ward had marijuana in his blood which would have been enough to have impaired his judgement. They also examined videos of the event and said that Tony Stewart had not shown any aberrational driving.

Afterwards a statement was released by Brett Jewkes, a spokesman for NASCAR. He said that they were thinking of the family of Kevin Ward and Tony Stewart as they cope with the tragedy and that it had been a difficult time for everyone.

The accident happened when Ward left his car after his car spun out and then steeped in to the track as Stewarts car approached when he was then hit and fatally injured. There has been a lot of confusion as to why the accident happened and why he left the car and put himself in the position to be hit and the facts will never be known.

Stewart stopped racing for the next three weeks to deal with things and his return was controversial with people saying that if he was later charged with a crime it would not be good for NASCAR’s reputation if they let him drive. He is not the first driver to have returned to racing after a fatal accident, although there has not been a previous case where a driver has been killed when on foot.

Stewart said afterwards that it will always stay with him and although people have been giving him attention they should be thinking of Ward and his family and what they have gone through.

Since the accident NASCAR rules have changed do that drivers have to stay in their vehicles after an accident unless they are at risk of fire.

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