New Chase Rules Not Popular With Everyone

The change in rules for the sprint cup has been controversial all season for NASCAR. With drivers only qualifying for the Sprint if they win races for a start, caused some disagreement between fans as to whether it would work. With less drivers winning races than there were qualifying places, it meant that some drivers got in on points anyway but it certainly gave things a shake up, even if it was not considered to be for the best by everyone.

The Chase part of the Sprint Cup has also been criticised as well. Not only is this also controversially based on race wins as well as points, the points are set back after each round. So last weekend saw the end of the first round, where four drivers were eliminated. Now the points are reset and the drivers work again to fight being eliminated over the next three weeks. They start on a level playing field, which for some seems very fair, but for others may not.

Some drivers are saying that it does not really matter, as long as the rule stays around for a while, they will be able to test whether it works. However, some feel that they should be rewarded for their earlier wins and not have to start from the beginning again. Even Ryan Newman, who has not won a race yet and qualified on points said that it was not fair on the other drivers to be on equal standings with him when he has not seen any wins yet.

However, often decisions in sport are not taken with so much consideration to the competitors but because of what will be most entertaining for the fans. If the drivers are forced to work hard every week to win races or get top five finishes so that they can qualify it could be argued that will make things more fun. If a driver does well enough and then slacks off a bit that is not going to be much fun.

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