Fines Given Out After Bad Behaviour at NASCAR

NASCAR have fined both Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart after their poor behaviour at the weekend during the Sprint Cup race at Charlotte. Keselwoski will have to pay $50,000 and Stewart $25,000. The drivers were also put on probabtion.
NASCAR explained that the penalties were there so that there is a safe environment after the racing. Matt Kenseth and Denny Hamlin were also involved but did not face any penalties. The senior vice president of competition and racing development at NASCAR; Robin Pemberton explained that they knew that things would get more intense with the change in format of the races but the safety of drivers, crew members, officials and workers is important and things have to be done when it is compromised.
The problems happened after the race ended in the cool down lap. Hamlin brake checked Keselowski to show his disapproval of how he had been racing in the last few races. To retaliate Keselowski tried to spin Hamlin but failed. Then on the way back to the pit road, Keselowski hit Kenseth, which he said was retaliation for him driving across his car when they were in a caution six laps before the end of the race. Keselowski ran in to the back of Stewart’s car by accident and Stewart backed his car in to Keselowski in response.
Once in the garage Keselowski drove around several stopped cars and Hamlin followed him and then went back through an empty garage, stopped and got out and had to be restrained from confronting each other. Then Kenseth rushed in and jumped him from behind saying that he had been hit when his seat belt was off and window nets down.
The pressure was certainly on the drivers as Hamlin, Kenseth and Keselowski are all competing th the Chase and poor finishes by Kenseth and Keselowski have meant that they have a bigger chance of being eliminated after next week’s race.
Although more than two drivers were obviously involved only two got fined. This followed precedent earlier in the year when particular drivers were punished in similar ways, although some people feel that other drivers should also have been punished in this situation.

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