This Is Not Nascar

If you think of these numbers who do you think of? 9 20 or God Bless 3? If youre thinking Casey Kahne Tony Stewart or Dale Earnhardt then not only are you at the wrong race but youre also about to get a lesson in fast paced excitement and what fanfriendly really means.

9 belongs to Jay Springsteen Rookie of the Year in 1975. Just one year later he earned the title of Grand National Champion and kept that title from 19761978 not an easy task in one year let alone three. The two traits he shares with Kahne are a quick smile and a fierce determination.

20 is Johnny Murphree Rookie of the Year in 1997. Not a bad start for the nineteen yearold Californian. While he is a fierce competitor like Stewart hes never had an anger issue.

God Bless 3 is Ricky Graham. Like Earnhardt this multitime champion had a quick mind and a deeply rooted love for racingFlat Track Motorcycle Racing.

Flat Track Motorcycle Racing is one of the oldest forms of motorized racing in the world. It is the birth mother of road racing at one time being part of the series somewhat like a road course is part of NASCAR. Like the car races Flat Track raced on the sands at Daytona and still starts the Series there each March.

Still thinking about stock cars? Okay take away the HANS device. That shouldnt be hard since its only been mandatory for a few years. Take away the customfitted seat the roll bar; remove the body of the car. Now take away two wheels and the replace the steering system with handle bars.

Still with me? Replace the fire suit with leathers. Take away the driving booties; replace with heavy boots and add a steel shoe to the left foot. Got the picture? The speed stays up; by the way did I mention Flat Trackers do it on dirt? Now you have the right idea!

Arguably one of the NASCARs premier races is Talladega. So what? Flat Track Racing has the Springfield Mile!

The Springfield Mile is the fastest dirt track in the world; people come from around the world to watch these athletes give their all in an attempt to win the coveted trophy. Imagine going into a corner at over 100 milesper hour on two wheels! The perfectly groomed black dirt and clay gumbo make that a reality. Suzukis HarleyDavidsons Hondas Aprillasmake the laps in 36 seconds or less.

Lap after incredible lap at speeds so dangerous it makes you weak in the knees. One lap to go then the checkered flag is flyingwho won? Photo finishes are the standardalmost. While the photos are being reviewed fans flood the track and the infield ready to celebrate with the winner or seek out their favorite racer.

No helicopters come to whisk them away so finding that racer doesnt take long and that racer is ready to share a few handshakes a picture here and an autograph theremany racers have pictures theyll autograph and give out. Chances are very good that you may have shared the same hotel with the racers seen them in the restaurants and you might even go to a party where they are at. Flat Track is very fan friendly.

So if you start playing number games in racing better clarify which race discipline. All discussions go much better if everyone is on the same page. See you at the track!

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