Assault Investigation for NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch

NASCAR is being investigated by police after a domestic assault allegation was made against him. The Delaware police have said that they are making investigations after allegations were made against the driver on Wednesday. They released the information in statement given out of Friday. His ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll has said that there was an incident inside his motorhome after a race.
NASCAR has said that they are aware of the situation and are gathering information about it. He as not been charged with anything at the moment.
Busch is an accomplished driver and won the Sprint Cup back in 2004. However, he does have a history of having run ins with other drivers on and off the track both with officials and drivers and so there will plenty of speculation about this incident.
On Friday he was seen practising at Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona ready for the race this weekend.
The Sprint Cup has been plagued with news of problems with the drivers lately. There have been a number of incidents after races some ending in punches being through between drivers and crew members. The season is drawing to a close and it is certainly causing emotions to run high and tempers to flare. However, nothing is yet known about the incident being investigated and so this could not have anything to do with an incident at a race despite it taking part at a race track. Time will tell whether the incident even proves to be something serious as until more investigations have taken place no one will know exactly what happened, who was involved and whether anything serious actually happened.
This weekend’s race should prove to be interesting with only four drivers being able to progress through to the next and final stage of the championship. It will be between Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman, Denny Hamlin, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski with Kurt Busch having been knocked out at the first stage of the Chase eliminations.

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