Qualifying at Daytona Is All About The Front Row

An all Martin front row. A former DEI driver, Mark Martin, and a newly formed DEG driver, Martin Truex Jr. Interesting.

OK here is the deal, I think Truex’s speed was made on a more radical and aggessive set-up while Mark’s was slightly less aggressive. the real test will be on how they run in the Duel races and who’s car will be more stable when other cars are around it in the draft. Even though Mark likes a loose feeling car I would expect it to be more sable in the pack than Turex’s when they run the Duels on Thursday.

Sunday’s qualifying was pretty much about one thing, going fast and getting on the front row, everything else is pretty much inconsequential. The real test will be on Thursday when you have about 12 cars competing for the last 4 spots in the starting field.

What everyone has to look for on thursday, especially the top 35 in owner points, are the desperate measures that some of the non-locked in drivers will be doing. I imagine if it gets close those guys will be pulling moves on the track that will make some of the antics that went on during the Bud Shootout look like child’s play.

It will be ‘checkers or wreckers’ for sure!

Where the heck is the spell check at this site? I’m still looking.

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