NASCAR Pundit Jumps Shark

We all get things wrong. Whether we are bloggers, so-called pundits, denizens of the main stream media or just plain members of NASCAR Nation that post on blogs and forums.

In a way wrong is good, it shows an attempt was made, you lay it out there for the world to see. My Mother used tell me, “If you’re going to be wrong do it at the top of your voice if you’re good enough, knowledgeable enough and confident enough you’ll be proven right far more than wrong.”

When you are wrong a correction can be made and you move on.

But there is a caveat to having that loud voice. If the facts fail to support your premise the opinion of whatever scenario you paint isn’t worth a hill of beans.

Pete Pistone, nephew of former NASCAR driver “Tiger” Tom Pistone and current contributor to CBS Sports and the Racing One website, answers the following question in CBS’s Feud of the Week: “Should Dale Earnhardt Jr. have been penalized for aggressive driving? Is there favoritism of drivers by NASCAR?”

“Apparently it does make a difference what your last name is in NASCAR. Go back to Saturday’s Nationwide Series race and watch what happened between Jason Leffler and Steven Walace. It is a carbon copy of the incident in the Daytona 500 between Earnhardt Jr. and Brian Vickers,” Piston responded.

For various reasons I didn’t watch the Nationwide event and not wanting to take Pistone’s assertion Saturday’s incident mirrored Sundays as fact I checked.

Have a look yourself. It’s plain as the nose on my face Leffler came up the track enough – a third of a lane at most – to tag the Wallace machine and sent him ass-over-tea-kettle. There was no blocking involved in the incident as there was Sunday.

How in the hell Pistone equates that to Vickers moving a lane and a half to block the #88 just short of the infield grass is beyond my ability to comprehend.

As for intent in both incidents, no one that wasn’t in those four cars knows with any degree of certainty whether the incidents were “just racin’ or aggressive driving. The powers that be thought Leffler deserved the 5 lap penalty, Sunday’s combatants were viewed another way.

Live with it.

As for Pistone, I have one question.

Will you have a long-lasting scar on your ass created by the dorsal fin of the Great White Shark you jumped?

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