NASCAR Tracks reduce seating in grandstands

NASCAR has described their reduction of seats in grandstands as right sizing, but many are questioning why they are reducing the amount of seats there. In fact thousands are being removed across the United States.

For example the Charlotte Motor Speedway is removing 41,000 seats having once had room for a crown of 167,000. Also removing seats will be Dover and Atlanta tracks who will be taking away at least 17,000. Brent Dewar, NASCAR’s Chief Operating Officer responded to questions about it by saying that they are right sizing. He explained that the reduction in seats would make the fans have a better experience and claims that it is something that is taking place in all sports.

However, observers have noticed that there have been an obvious amount of empty seats in the stadiums of late and the TV ratings are also going down. It was back in the 1990’s when NASCAR was at its most popular and things have been sliding downwards ever since.

However, Denwar was positive about it. He said that he felt that tracks were widening seats meaning that they are accommodating fans and making their experience more comfortable. He explained that many venues are changing and NASCAR is just keeping up.

One thing they are not keeping up with though is trying to go global. Many US sports, such as National Football, Major League Baseball and National Hockey, go abroad to widen the fan base but NASCAR has no plans to travel outside the US but to try to increase US viewing. They are searching for international drivers and supporting a European series but have no plans to race outside of the country but broadcast to 150 markets and territories already.

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