Harvick Wins Sprint Cup Second Week in a Row

NASCAR this weekend saw Kevin Harvick win for the second week in a row. He is hoping that he might be able to take victories at all three of the West Coast races but only after California next weekend will we know for sure.

Harvick seems unbeatable at Phoenix International Raceway, where he won again on Sunday making this his fifth out of six race wins on that track with seven wins overall on that particular circuit. The head of his team Rodney Childers said that he made it clear to Harvick that he wanted the team to win all races on the West Coast and so far they are on course to do that. He went on to explain that Harvick works hard to succeed at something if he is asked to.

Harvick’s success is something that has never been seen before in the history of NASCAR in the last forty years at least. With seven consecutive top two finishes, running through this season and the end of the last one as well as winning five out of the last ten races. The last time this happened was in 1975 and was Richard Petty. When asked about it he said the mention of Richard Petty gives him chills but he will not be thinking about previous victories at the race next week, just concentrating on the job in hand.

The race also saw a fifth place finish for Kurt Busch after his return to the series after being suspended. Jamie McMurray was runner up in the race but felt that he could have beaten Harvick had he done things differently after a final restart. Tony Stewart did not have such good fortunes though with his third crash in four races.

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