Keselowski Misses Kyle Busch Rivalry

Brad Keselowski is well-known for blogging about how he feels about other drivers, particularly a rivalry that he has with Carl Edwards. However, he is now turning on Kyle Busch, who he thinks very little of as well.

Busch is out of the racing season at the moment having broken his leg and foot in a crash on 21st February. Keselowski admitted that he was one of the best drivers and without him it means that the other drivers are not pushed to do their best.

Keselowski’s rivalry with Busch started a long time ago. As a teenager Keselowski was not invited to try out for Rousch Racing’s truck team and he assumed this was due to his age. However, they invited Busch when he was only 16 and this mad Keselowski disappointed. He said that when he met him he was extremely jealous but tried to swallow that and talk to him but Busch did not reply. Since then they have had a rivalry and they have had wrecks together and jabbed at each other in the press. Keselowski wrote that he hopes that they will get along one day and as they have a lot in common such as both owning Camping World Truck series teams and soon becoming first time fathers he hopes that they will be able to get along in the future.

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