Newman Penalties Appealed Against

Richard Childress Racing are appealing against penalties that were placed against Ryan Newman for tyre infringements during a Sprint Cup NASCAR race at Fontana. The penalty included a $125,000 fine to the crew chief as it was judges that he had modified the tyres in an illegal way. There was also a point penalty on Newman which meant that he dropped from sixth place all the way down to 26th place. There was also a suspension for Lambert as well as the tyre technician and engineer which would apply for six events and they would also be on probation until the end of the year. Newman’s fifth pace in the race still stands though.

NASCAR ruled that the violations were the second most severe which is why they punished so harshly. It has been requested that during the appeal process that the penalties be suspended until an outcome comes about. NASCAR agreed to all suspensions apart from the points deduction.

Steve O’Donnell, executive vice-president of the championships explained that NASCAR had warned that they would be very tough if rules were broken in the area of tyres and he explained that this sort of modification would not be tolerated. There have been reports that teams were altering tyre pressures illegally and NASCAR have carried out tyre audits to check on this.

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