NASCAR Film Coming Out Called Racer’s Heart

Posse Films have announced that they will be making a film about a legendary NASCAR driver. The film will be caller ‘Racer’s Heart’ and it will be focussed around Bobby Allison who was a NASCAR pioneer and is also in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The film company will be working with the Allison family to tell the story of the driver. Bobby Allison commented himself saying that he and his family are thrilled about Posse films making the movie and that he knows that he can trust the company with his story.

Mark Sutcliffe, the chairman of Posse Films explained that it was a great honour to be able to tell the story of the driver and his wife Judy. He said that it will be exciting for NASCAR fans and their story is also one of love and faith explaining how they managed through all the highs and lows of their life. Bonnie, Bobby and Judy’s daughter explained that the film would allow people to show how string the family has been living through pain and showing that life does go on.

The story will focus on how Bobby Allisson was at the top of NASCAR with three wins at the Daytona 500 and then the crash which ended his career when he was 50 years old and then the loss of their two sons who were racers as well. There will also be focus on the love story between the couple.

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