Drivers weary of lengthy caution towards the end of Food City 500

The forecast was expecting rain and as expected showers fell upon the track during the latter of the Food City 500 this weekend. A caution was raced however the race went on for quite a while before the red finally came up. This has ticked off some of the drivers who thought the red should have come up sooner considering the difficult conditions.

As the final laps went by with the yellow still in place, the rain clouds loomed over and more rain caused the track to be damp for racing making it challenging. Ideally, this should have been the point the race was stopped but it continued for about five more laps with a caution flag while commentary iterated on the trying conditions. Dillon had to let go of his coveted #3 position to re-fuel and unluckily enough, right after, the race was red flagged.
A select few drivers were unhappy with the way the conditions were handled by NASCAR officials. Gordon, who finished third, expressed his displeasure at the fact that the race was continued while the track conditions were worsening which may have posed unfair to some racers. Dillon, as mentioned above, is one prime example.
Gordon seemed quite pleased with the green light ending but also stated that his reaction would have been a lot less satisfactory if he was one of the unfortunate racers to run out of fuel. He also said it would be unfair by the fans if certain drivers were not given a fair chance at winning the race. He did conclude his statement by saying that it was all in all, a good race.

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