Sprint Cup Race Pushed to Sunday Due to Showers

Rains are refusing to cease at the Richmond International Raceway prompting officials to set the date to the following Sunday when the weather is expected to be tamer.

The race has been re-scheduled to 1pm Eastern Time on Sunday.

The rain began on Saturday during the afternoon and worsened over the course of the day. The race was expected to begin Saturday night but things were looking quite bleak and the officials were forced to cancel the race. The rain continued over night time.

Joey Logano will be heading the race on Sunday on the green flag. Logano managed to snatch the series lead on Friday. Denny Hamlin will be right behind Joey Logano. Re-scheduled races are not uncommon with the last Sprint Cup delay occurring in July when the weather was not favorable. This was on the Daytona Speedway.

Rain also caused problem last week at the Bristol Speedway when the race was dragged by several hours due to rain leaving a number of breaks in the race. Matt Kenseth managed to finish first after the interrupted race.

There is rain expected on Sunday but it should cease before the scheduled time of 1pm so hopes are high that an uninterrupted race can occur this week.

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