Kyle Busch Takes 6th Place Following Comeback

Fans of Kyle Busch had something to cheer when he announced his return at number 18 after his serious accident several weeks ago. After a major setback, he has managed to bounce back reasonably well taking a 6th place finish at the All Star race. Perhaps his penalty for speeding may have affected his ranking, but he didn’t have a winning streak at any point during the race. Denny Hamlin took the big prize and claimed his $1 million winnings.

It was well noted that Busch’s vehicle was not up to speed in terms of handling but a sixth place finish is not too bad from the ill-fate that took him down a few weeks ago. Busch stated that he is just a little sore and it is nothing out of the ordinary as he usually experiences it after getting back on the track from a break.

Things are starting to look positive as he prepares for the Coca Cola 600. Busch is also making progress in terms of his personal life with a baby boy soon to be born. Despite not making a winning place at the All-Star, he is unfazed as it does not carry points.

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