NASCAR May Alter Terms of Qualifying

There have been public hints by NASCAR Chief Operating Officer regarding the amendment of existing qualification rules. Certain occurrences during the recent races may have resulted in this. For example, Hamlin at the Pocono Raceway lost control with a few seconds left in the last round leading to 5 drivers failing to clock a time for the final round. For this scenario, the current rules dictate that the order of selection will be based on the lap time of the previous round.

Hamlin managed to get on top of this based on this rule even though he was to blame for the incident. This rule may likely change. While Hamlin certainly did not do it voluntarily, it doesn’t seem fair that the other drivers fall behind as Hamlin was directly responsible. The COO stated that this will be discussed and a decision may be made very soon.

The COO also covered some other interesting points in his discussion where he spoke positively about the drivers meeting that took place recently and said more should be schedule. He went on to speak about improving the overall sport by discussing various ideas with the greats of the game.

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