Allmendinger Looking to Take On Sonoma Raceway

Allmendinger is eyeing the championship with his shot at winning the race at Sonoma Raceway. Being able to snatch the top spot in Sonoma Raceway would mean a ticket to the championship which is almost guaranteed. His prior win at Watkins Glen brought one of NASCAR’s smaller teams a fighting chance to compete at the championship. Considering Sonoma Raceway is a road track, Allmendinger remains a strong contender as he is one of the best racers in this form of the game.

Allmendinger seemed rather focused and assured of what needs to be done. In a statement he mentioned that winning will take him to the coveted Chase. He also mentioned that he did not want to consider it as an all or nothing situation as it would apply too much of pressure on the situation. Allmendinger’s past records stands testimony of his ability. While his record on this particular track is not      as strong, he is still considered a favorite. His competitiveness was further stressed by the expert on Sonoma Raceway. Jeff Gordon has referred to Allmendinger’s past accomplishments to justify him being one of the best in this race form.

He spoke of Allmendinger’s talent in relation to Marcos, a contender that Jeff Gordon raced against. He felt Marcos was an extremely talented racer and Allmendinger was able to outrun him in Watkins Glen. He also said that Allmendinger may have to be a little less offensive which is different from his usual tendency on the track.

This win would be crucial for Allmendinger considering the puddle his team has been in this year so far. While he feels they have improved, there is still some work to do and this could be it. While Allmendinger has had some good runs, he hasn’t been consistent. A win here would put things back on track.

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