Diecast Memorabilia

Sam Bass was the first artist officially licensed by Nascar. Sam has now hooked up with Motorsports Authentics – the finest manufacturer of Nascar diecast replicas. They have come together to create one of the most creative Nascar Diecast and Nascar memorabilia products produced.

These Nascar diecast line of products are aimed to showcase Nascar’s most celebrated and stars and their cars. The Collectable would use the actual cars paint scheme which would then be embellished with an assortment of graphics by Bass. The Sam Bass Nascar diecast collection would be available through multiple venues including nascar.com.

With the soaring price of gasoline the average American is looking to cut expenses and the fact of the matter is that Nascar memorabilia is not on many peoples “cant-live-without” list. But, amazingly even in these testing times Nascar diecast memorabilia, and diecast replicas in particular are selling well.

This year has proved to be a hot-seller for Nascar diecast and Nascar memorabilia products. Motorsports Authentics have already reported a thick bottom line (after battling sufficient losses in 2007).

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s move to the No. 88 has played a huge part in revitalizing the interest of fans in Nascar diecast and Nascar memorabilia. The combination of two different paint schemes and a beautiful assortment of poignantly-planned special liveries has confirmed his status as the king of Nascar diecast.

Another interesting point to take note of is that another driver has made a very good run in selling his Nascar diecast and that name may come to a surprise for some – its none other than Kyle Busch.

Yes, he gets all the boos and the media has done its bit in painting him in a bad light but looking at the fact that his diecasts are selling off like hot muffins surely says something – somebody out there ought to be liking him.

Kyle’s paint scheme almost sold out in record time. Manufacturers are saying that had they anticipated the quick sell-throughs, they would have made more Kyle’s Nascar memorabilia products – plenty more.

Those lucky fans who have a original 2008 Kyle Busch M&Ms Toyotas can take pride in the fact that its surely a rare Nascar memorabilia that is not going to be reproduced again – Motorsports Authentics has adopted the policy of not producing another lot of the Nascar memorabilia after the first has been completed.

Motorsports is working hard to keep prices of Nascar memorabilia in check. The prices of everything is going up these days – labor rates in china, fuel and the raw material but Motorsports has made it a point to keep prices stable across the board.

The Nascar memorabilia and Diecasts in particular of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr and and Tony Stewart are the most hot selling and valuable. But its hard to pin any one as a favorite as its purely a matter of personal liking. It could be anyone of these great Nascar drivers – Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, Mark Martin, Kasey Kahne or Dale Earnhardt Jr. If you are a Nascar memorabilia fan then the best place to probably buy would be ebay and the Nascar official website nascar.com. Don’t wait too long to snap up your favorite Nascar Diecast hero – these diecasts are hot sellers and you wont want to be the one left out. Ouch.

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