Brad Keselowski was PUMPED in Victory Lane!

We have gathered the best commentary on the video of Brad Keselowski.

Jake Crofford

Not a fan of Brad by any means, but he dominated the race. It’s extremely difficult to be up front the entire race, especially at restrictor plate tracks, and that’s exactly what he did. Coming from a Gordon fan, Brad Keselowski earned this win.

Steven Currall

Not really. Barely any drivers celebrate like they used to. Tony Stewart was crazy and I loved the way he showed how happy he was. All drivers do now is come out of there cars and put their arms up in the air and throw around their sodas. There isn’t really any noticeable enthusiasm.

Vienna Lee

Him winning was the only bad part of going to see my first Daytona race. It was awesome to be there on the front row at the start/finish line!!

Gregory Huff

People can say what they want about Brad and Joey But these two work together as team mates better than any other team

Nathan Midgley

Rather see him get wrecked or punched in the face as UGLY HORSE gallops away like he did nothing wrong like at Texas and Charlotte

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