Why did Preston change the colours around their stadium?

If you know anything about Preston North End football club you know that they are located in the Deepdale area of Preston in Lancashire and play a mean game of football in the Championship. You may well also know that their arch rivals happen to be Blackpool. Now, Preston are the proud wearers of their white and blue kit and would never be caught wearing anything even remotely orange and supporting their Blackpool rival team. You can only imagine the outrage caused among Preston NE fans when their new sponsor, 888sport put up orange coloured advertising boards due to it being their brand colouring!

Wearing a colour associated to your team is the best way to convey your pride and stay united in your support for your team alongside all your other fellow fans. Your team colours enable you to feel a sincere connection with your beloved team and are precisely why Preston North End football club sent a petition to their sponsor asking them to remove their orange coloured branding from their stadium ads.

The online betting company 888sport happily offered to remove its bright-orange advertising boards after PNE supporters were outraged with the fact the colour too-closely resembled the colours of Blackpool football club. In an online poll, approximately 4000 fans voted in favour of switching the orange colour to something (anything!) other than their rival’s colours. With an impressive 1000 people signing the petition in the first hour, it was impossible for 888sport not to take note of the fans opinions.

Shortly after, the orange 888sport advertising boards were replaced to black, just in time for the weekend’s game against Blackburn Rovers which was televised at the weekend on Sky Sports. Fans were elated and praised their team’s sponsors for taking initiative and listening to them. The rivalry between Preston and Blackpool is too great and keeping the orange advertising would have caused some highly unwarranted support for the opposition.

Fans have also taken offence over colours on social media when they discovered that Leicester City players have changed the colour of their supercars– gifted to them by the club. The cars, worth a staggering £100,000 each were given to the players who helped the club win the Premier League earlier in the year. Its rumoured that the footballers were tired of getting confused about which car was theirs when in the car park at the club- an impressive ‘first world problem’ if ever there was one!

It’s clear to see that the power of colour as a silent communicator is not to be undermined. Research has suggested that 60% of people will decide if they are attracted to a message based on colour alone and that colour also increases brand recognition by 80%, respectively. The colour schemes that we have established to associate with our beloved football teams are often those that have existed for decades and have formed an integral meaning in the culture of the sport.

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