“Seven Decades of NASCAR” is part of Darlington Raceway campaign

Darlington Raceway is ready to celebrate its 2018 campaign with the “Seven Decades of NASCAR” platform, which is already an award-winning platform. For years in a row is the best proof of popularity among the fans of NASCAR.

The weekend on Aug. 31-Sept. 2 will be reserved for a big celebration, which will take place during the official Monster Energy NASCAR Cup. Everything is prepared for the announcement of significant event and we are excited to witness the most important weekend in NASCAR next fall.

Another big event happened on December 14, and all the fans know what so special is about this date. It is a NASCAR’s birthday. This year, they celebrate 70 years of presence in the sport and their leading role is more than obvious. NASCAR will continue to be the most influential leader when it comes to event organization. They have many reasons to celebrate and this year really has a lot of excitements.

Darlington Raceway is one the most popular tracks in the whole NASCAR organization, especially when we consider many historic moments on this track. The past 70 years were full of surprises, but few things remained the same. It is a passion of racing fans. They always try to make the special event that truly pushes the limits in the sport. Darlington Raceway is the place where many standards were set, and it is obvious that a race has a special meaning on this track.

Jared C. Tilton | Getty Images

In the special tribute to the long history of NASCAR, the focus of Darlington Raceway team will be on few moments. One of them is Ned Jarrett’s victory in 1965, when he managed to set the record in 14-lap victory. Another moment to remember is definitely the 200th victory in the career of Rick Hendrick that happened during 2012 Bojangles’ Southern 500 victory. All these segments are part of the exciting story that gathers the fans around the great memories. They all remember the victories that actually changed the NASCAR’ history.

Darlington Raceway has prepared great surprises for the people who want to be part of the events next year. The seats are available with great benefits during the holiday season and it is the best opportunity to get the ticket. If you renew the ticket, there is an option to get a gift letter with your ticket. The great opportunities are offered by Darlington Raceway team, so we can all enjoy the most exciting racing events on this iconic track.

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