These cleaning tips help protect your vehicle’s value

It’s important to keep your vehicle clean, not just because it looks nice but because it helps preserve value. Part of that routine cleaning should include your car’s interior, particularly the seats that will suffer damage over time without the proper protection.

Whether you have a new or a used car, a regular cleaning will ensure your vehicle stays in the best condition possible. Regular care of your car will also help receive top dollar later if you decide to sell it. It’s recommended that you clean the exterior of your car at least every two weeks and the interior at least once a month. Beyond a good regular cleaning, you may want to consider protecting your interior in other ways, such as with seat covers from companies like Parts Palace that protect the cloth or leather surface in a new vehicle, or help conceal damaged or stained seats in a used one.

Regular cleanings go a long way to protect your car’s seats

A vehicle’s seats are exposed to all the elements that we bring inside — sweat, dirt, soiled clothes, and grime. That all makes it onto the seats, so it’s important to take steps to remove it during routine cleanings. It also helps to keep your car smelling and looking fresh.

Car seats come in different styles, from cloth to vinyl to leather. It’s a good idea to vacuum all surfaces first to get out the big stuff and the loose dirt before you wipe the seats down. Removing those particles also will help reduce the possibility of scratching the surfaces with larger debris when cleaning them more thoroughly.

It’s important to use the right cleaning approach and products for each seat covering. Cloth seats, for example, can be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner, but more stubborn spots might require a fabric cleaner to remove the dirt. Leather seats, on the other hand, require a conditioner designed specifically for leather surfaces to provide the best protection. Vinyl seats are perhaps the most durable, capable of withstanding an all-purpose cleaner or even soap and water when you wipe them down.

Take the next step to protect your car seats with covers 

Car seat covers designed specifically for your vehicle provide the best protection, especially if you haul children, pets, or other cargo on a regular basis. You can choose seat covers that are more of a one-size-fits-all design on the least expensive side of the spectrum or carefully tailored covers meant to fit snugly around your seats for a little more money. Some better, custom-fit seat covers actually can transform your interior, appearing as if you installed new seats. These seat covers are particularly good for older vehicles that have damaged or heavily stained seats that need concealing.

The universal seat cover is good for temporary protection, easily coming on or off when you need them. The custom-fit covers are designed for long-term use.

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